Kormotech technologists, together with foreign consultants, are constantly improving existing recipes and creating new ones.

Our plants are equipped with the equipment of the leading global manufacturers in the field of food:

  • SPROUT MATADOR (Denmark) – the use of advanced methods of extrusion and vacuum deposition
  • STERIFLOW (France) – leader in the production of sterilizers in the food industry
  • ILAPAK (Switzerland) and LEEPACK (Korea) – packaging equipment
  • KARL SCHNELL (Germany) – leader in the production of equipment for meat processing
  • LODAM (Denmark) – software for the equipment of the dry feed production plant

We control the quality and preservation of the nutritional properties of our products in 60 points at all stages of their manufacturing:

  • We audit suppliers of raw materials prior to cooperation. Carefully check the quality of raw materials and their origin in Kormotech labs. Only after that we give permission to the production department to use it
  • Each time we carry out input control of raw materials on the content of proteins, fats, ashes, calcium and phosphorus to ensure the nutritional value of the final product
  • In parallel, we monitor these indicators in ready-made diets
  • Measure the antioxidant content in accordance with European standards

By the time of entering the market, in addition to internal inspection, each product is tested and approved by reputable industry experts:

  • KENNEL DE MORGENSTOND – the Netherlands Institute of animal nutrition
  • ONIRIS – the French College of veterinary medicine
  • Ukrainian state scientific-research control Institute.

We continuously invest in the development and training of our specialists to ensure that our products meet the highest international quality standards. Your four-legged get high-quality diets with a complex of all nutrients needed for health and beauty.